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ShedTech is the world’s best interactive steel building design software that dealers and resellers use to quote their steel buildings. ShedTech is more than just a quoting and ordering tool, it is a complete business solution that also includes client payment details, reporting, sales, email integration plus the ShedTech automated ordering process.

Our unique dynamic inbuilt engineering program function can custom design every building to suit your site plus other client specifications in real time - with computational analysis data.

Client quotations, orders, engineering plans and job elevations are all instantly available to print, fax or email as a PDF document. Client job tracking, system enquiries, lead sources and other functions form just part of the package available to you.

Three dimensional viewing of every job and walk through of the building is available on the fly to assist both sales staff and clients to design the building exactly right. Changes of size, colours, bay spacing, roof pitch, awnings, doors and window placement are simple and immediate.

Custom solutions available include interface with accounting functions, in house roll forming and production facilities, and quality control systems for product despatch.

World Leading 3D Shed Design Software

ShedTech is the worlds best 3D Design, Quoting, Sales, and Management Steel Building Design Software Package

User friendly designs are dynamically produced from first principles to suit site specific Wind Loads, seismic and snow loads and more

Full analysis reports and engineers calculations available for local engineering certifications – working to AS/ NZ and US codes

Utilising cold formed steel cee and zed sections roll formed with G450 & G550 steel – with hi tensile G550 sheeting & cladding

Huge range of commercial, industrial, domestic and rural / farm buildings options ready to design and quote

This system produces fast and simple quotations with accurate PDF order documents for materials supply

Structural steel industrial add on module available plus local price files for materials in database

Proven building systems – ready to grow your business now

ShedTech Software Overview

Software overview showcasing the ShedTech design management software package for steel building quoting.


Frequently Asked Questions

1Will the software system have local price files?
Where available we will offer local steel roll formed products and pricing.
2What currency will the system quote in and work with?
The system will use US$ values that will convert to local currency.
3Does the system prepare quote and order documents?
Yes – PDF’S are produced for all order materials.
4Does the system supply engineering plans and drawings?
Yes – full engineering calculations and reports are available as job specific to suit.
5What building codes is the engineering working to?
Building codes currently supported are AS/NZ standards and US Building Codes.
6Can I sell your products?
ShedTech is actively seeking distributors of cold formed steel buildings in your country. This could be as a reseller / building company or distributor or if you are a roll former and steel supplier. Please contact our office for more information.


  • Shedtech is an integral part of our business. The software is feature packed and accurate.  The support team consists of industry experts, engineers and software developers. Anyone considering a shed franchise, should look at this first.
    Marcus B
    Smithfield Queensland
  • Our businesses supplies over U.S. $20m annually in metal buildings using the ShedTech software. We find it a great asset for our roll forming business.
    Amir C
    Johor, Malaysia
  • We manage 95 shed distributors and about twenty suppliers with the ShedTech system. ShedTech provides accurate reporting tools for distributor quotes, sales, lead tracking and more. We couldn’t be happier with the system.
    Edline M
    Brisbane, Queensland
  • We roll form between ten and twenty metal buildings every day using the ShedTech software. The system provides an accurate bill of materials for manufacturing. There is no second guessing and we can ship a consolidated building kit 1-2 weeks from receiving the order
    Bao M
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • I paid a small fortune for a franchise that gave us access to a low quality design system. We left the franchise and bought a ShedTech license and we haven’t looked back. ShedTech provides us with the functionality necessary to give customers the designs they want.
    Bob F
    Nadi, Fiji
  • Before we purchased the ShedTech system, it took us five days to prepare a quotation for a customer.   With ShedTech it takes just a few minutes!
    Phil A
    Yangon, Myanmar

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Dont just take our word for it. ShedTech is designed for dealers & re-sellers, we exist to grow your business.

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